Hello dear visitor, my name is Sandrina.

Even as a young child, I dreamed of living as freely as possible. It went so far, that when I was 8 years old, I secretly packed my backpack to meet my best friend at the train station in the evening. Siberia was our destination. We wanted to live in nature with the wolves and believed, that a train with the inscription “Siberia” would depart from our small train station. We believed, the world was limitless. Our mothers quickly convinced us of the opposite and from that point on, they watched with eagle eyes over the filling level of our backpacks.

Now I live and work all over the world. I have always been self-employed because freedom is my supreme good. My own freedom, those of my fellow humans and those of other living beings. Everything stands and falls with freedom. For this reason, I live free of animal products, poison-treated foods and unfairly traded goods. Not because I believe that man should not eat meat, no, I want to pay respect to other creatures, because of the immeasurably cruel deeds of my own species. The barrel is filled to the brim. I am actively involved in animal welfare and live minimalistic. Everything I own, fits in a suitcase. If I have too much, I donate it. For me personally, it is the most fulfilling life in the world. With this blog, I want to inspire others to create their own dreams. To shed their fear of the unknown.